Feb 19, 2010

What is the best way to choose an agent when buying a home?

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“There are two main points I think are extremely important when deciding who you want to   represent you in your real estate transaction.  The first is that you always want someone who is well versed in the area you are looking to buy.  Having a Realtor who knows the area and the inventory well will be a great service to you through out the process… and that starts the moment you begin to look at properties, to dealing with other agents who also concentrate their efforts in that same location, to negotiating the best price for you when it comes time to buying (or selling for that matter).  Another thing I think is very important is the client/agent relationship.  Often times, buying and/or selling a home can take weeks, months, and, in some cases, years.  Having a good working relationship with that individual is key.  Communication plays a major role and having that good working relationship with your agent will go a long way.

Outside of those two things, knowing any friends and/or families that can refer you to an agent or agency can be of assistance.  Interviewing a few different agents (especially when it comes time to sell) is always helpful.”

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George Read

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