Sep 30, 2020

What Happens After You Move in to Your New Home?

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Congratulations, you’re a new homeowner! The sale has successfully closed and you’ve been given the keys to your new home-sweet-home. Don’t get ready to settle in just yet – there are a few important items to address before you should consider your move complete.

Move Your Furniture and Belongings. Since closings are sometimes delayed for various reasons, it’s recommended to have your movers scheduled to move you into your new home a few hours after your closing time at the earliest. Even better, scheduling your move for the day after closing gives you plenty of buffer time.

Contact Your Phone and Internet Provider. Whether you’re working from home, have children learning at home, or use wifi on your computer or mobile device, you’ll want to be sure to contact your internet provider and have them install the proper equipment for your internet access. Call before your move and get on their service schedule to ensure you aren’t stuck in your new home without internet.

Notify the Post Office. In order to ensure that you are receiving your mail, please complete a change of address form with the post office. This can be done in advance of closing. Be sure to notify your family and friends of your new home address as well.

Acquire Closing Packet from the Settlement Agent. Within a few days of closing, you will receive all of the purchase paperwork from your settlement agent. Please keep these documents for tax purposes. Included in this packet will be your first several payment coupons which you will use for your initial mortgage payment, unless you have already set up an automatic payment schedule with your bank.

Change the Locks.  You never know who has keys to the locks of the home that you are purchasing. Many homeowners give keys to neighbors, babysitters, in-laws and contractors. We highly recommend having your locks changed shortly after closing to ensure that you know exactly who has keys to your new home.

Get to Know Your Neighbors and Area. After you’re settled into your new home, take time to meet and greet your new neighbors. Explore your neighborhood and get to know its hidden gems like tucked-away parks, walking trails, local coffee shops and cafes, and vantage points for watching the sunset.

If you have questions about the home closing and moving process, be sure to discuss them with a knowledgeable real estate agent who will be able to shed light on any details you may be wondering about as you go through the transaction process. If you’re thinking about moving, view Charleston homes for sale here.

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