Feb 17, 2021

Remembering Our Childhood Neighbors

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Drew Grossklaus, Sales Director/BIC East Cooper

In real estate there are many things to consider when you are buying a home.  The tried-and-true location, location, location will always matter as well as the size, style and condition of the property. One of the things that truly makes your new home a place that you will love to live is your neighbors. Neighbors are something you cannot choose, and you cannot control when they may change or move.

I was recently remembering my childhood neighbors.  I lived on a small road with only eight homes.  My family and I had the best next-door neighbors – Donald, Martha and their three children.  They would remain our neighbors throughout my entire childhood and they had an open-door policy for me to be at their house.  I shot baskets at their hoop, played with their sons in their tree fort, watched TV in their living room and in the summer spent all day in their pool.  My parents and my neighbors were good friends and spent many weekends together over the years. Martha was always offering something to eat or drink while Donald was a teacher at my high school and drove me to school for two years.  I was always welcome at their home – as our neighbors, they were not just letting me be there. They also wanted to make sure I was happy.

Growing up, I was very fortunate to have amazing neighbors. Donald and Martha were happily married for 60 years.  About six months ago, Donald passed away and fittingly, as they were always together, Martha passed away only a few weeks ago.

The importance of our neighbors can have a huge bearing on how much we love our home.  I think during the pandemic more and more people had a chance to talk with their neighbors and form relationships.  I have worked in real estate for years and because of this I have learned to really appreciate having a great neighbor. It is something that can not only impact your happiness in where you live but even the happiness your life.

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