Jun 13, 2018

Father’s Day Memories

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Drew Grossklaus, Sales Director/BIC East Cooper

Father’s Day provides an excellent opportunity to recognize everything a dad means in our lives. My father will always be my biggest hero. When I think of my dad in relation to houses, there are so many memories and lessons learned that stand out.

My dad was a concrete mason and actually built my childhood home, having a hand in nearly every brick that went into the property. He learned the business from his father, who also helped construct our home. While not many people can say their dad and grandfather built the home they grew up in, I know many of us can reflect on childhood memories with their dads.

I would venture to guess that everyone can picture their father’s favorite spot in the family room. It may be the lazy-boy chair or that one spot on the couch. Whether it is in a dining room, living room, den, or office, there is always a chair that is “dad’s chair.” For most, that chair was where the morning newspaper was read and coffee was consumed.

Homes typically have a dad sanctuary like a man cave, library, or garage. Usually it’s a place where dad likes to be alone, but is always happy when you show interest in the passion of why he is there whether it be a sports team, woodworking hobby, era of books, car, etc. In our garage, my dad had an old Honda motorcycle. I can only remember my dad riding that motorcycle a handful of times, but I believe it served as a reminder of the freedom of youth before the blessing of children. He also had an old cabinet record player in the dining room serving as a reminder of how “good” music used to sound. In nearly every space of my childhood home, I can remember something that makes me think of my dad.

To all the current dads out there, make sure your children get a peek into why those places in your home are so special to you, and how you love that you can share them with your kids. I hope everyone has a Happy Father’s Day!

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