Nov 01, 2023

5 Designer Trends to Highlight Your Fireplace

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Cozy weather is upon us, which calls for evenings around the fireplace. While we may only get to use our fireplaces for a handful of months in Charleston, they can also serve as a fantastic focal point for interior design purposes. By highlighting your fireplace in creative ways, you can make it a stunning centerpiece that enhances the overall aesthetic of your living space. Follow along as we explore different design ideas to transform your fireplace into an inviting room feature.

Mantle decor. Sprucing up your mantle with a collection of decorative items that reflect your personal style will add character to your home. Decorative items can range from family photos, vases, candles or artwork. Make sure to select pieces that complement the style and color scheme of your living area. The mantle is also the perfect area to showcase your festive holiday decorations during each season, especially Christmas. Add garland and lights around the mantle to light up your living room and create a festive ambiance.

Artwork. Surrounding your fireplace with artwork gives you endless opportunities to set the tone for your home’s design – our listing at 18 Broad Street gets the idea (see picture above). Hang a well-chosen piece of artwork above your fireplace to create a statement in your living area, or opt for a mirror to create depth.¬†You can also place multiple pieces of artwork on your mantle to lean them against the wall to create a dimensional look. Also consider a collection wall where you surround your fireplace with framed prints.

Built-in bookshelves. Consider surrounding your fireplace with built-ins to create an aesthetically pleasing space that highlights the fireplace and also serves as a functional place to store books, collectables and decorative items. If you decide against installing full built-in cabinetry, you can opt for floating shelves to achieve a similar look. Our listing at 11 Ponce De Leon Avenue in West Ashley has stunning and spacious built-ins! (See picture above).

Ambiance lighting. Illuminate your fireplace by adding creative lighting such as stylish wall sconces, pendant lighting or LED backlighting. Subtle lighting will create a gentle, atmospheric glow to provide a relaxing atmosphere and will spruce up the style of your fireplace. Adding decorative lighting around your fireplace will create a warm and inviting atmosphere and will serve as both functional and decorative.

Accent wall. To make your fireplace stand out, consider enhancing it with an accent wall. An accent wall allows you to experiment with different materials, textures, patterns and colors and adds a uniqueness to your fireplace and living space. If your walls are a neutral color, consider picking a bright and striking color that will bring liveliness and character to the space, or go for a muted shade to create a peaceful vibe. A shiplap or brick accent wall is a classic way to add texture and design to your fireplace. Check out the stunning accent wall at our listing at 1 Sayle Road (see picture below).

A fireplace serves as a blank canvas to add personality to your living space. Switch out your decoration scheme from season to season to express your style and exercise your creativity. If you’re in the market for a home with a fireplace, give a William Means agent a call!



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