Aug 18, 2021

William Means Guide to Preparing for an Open House

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Preparing for an open house in Charleston is a crucial step to getting your home sold. If you have worked with a William Means agent to list your home, you are already ahead of the game. An open house is a great opportunity to showcase your property and all of the work you put into listing it. It also allows potential buyers to experience the physical space and imagine themselves living there. Below, we have showcased some of the key steps to preparing your home for the perfect open house.

Check Your Curb Appeal – Next time you go out to check the mail, take a long look at your home from the street. Start with the house itself: how do the windows, front door, siding and gutters look? If they are spic and span, you won’t have to worry, but if there are signs of mildew or leaves clogging the gutters you may want to have the exterior pressure washed. Secondly, what shape is the yard in? Is the grass green and healthy? Are the plants lush and thoughtfully landscaped? You want to set your home apart from the others and create excitement and anticipation for buyers through curb appeal before they step through the front door.

Declutter – Perhaps the most important step when preparing for an open house is to remove all personal belongings from the home. Personalized artwork, photography and memorabilia items make the house feel crowded and overly lived in. By removing these items, you allow the potential buyers to envision their own possessions in the space. Use a storage unit to get these items out of sight to create an environment that feels larger and move-in ready. 

Deep Clean –  During an open house, guests will take their time touring your home; they are here to buy after all and are going to give the home a thorough inspection. Don’t give them the opportunity to shout “You’ve missed a spot!” Dedicate time to deep clean or hire a professional service and have every surface scrubbed and polished. A freshly cleaned home is inviting and allows buyers to focus on what really matters, like that new fridge you just put in.

Minimize – An open house gives potential buyers a chance to open every cabinet and closet door throughout the home. Focus on minimizing pantry and kitchen cabinet items and remove clothing out of the closet to create a more open space – this is especially important when you’re photographing your home to be online. Overstuffed cabinets and closets may lead a buyer to thinking there might not be enough room for their belongings and could potentially become a deal breaker.

Add That Special Touch – Create alluring activities that help buyers envision themselves doing as future homeowners. Stage wine glasses, produce and a cutting board on the counter so they can imagine cooking a meal and entertaining in the kitchen. Allow them to experience what a future Saturday may feel like by setting up a croque set and a cooler with refreshments in the backyard. Entice potential buyers by presenting realistic, at-home activities that they can look forward to doing.

Once you have prepared for your open house, we recommend doing a walk through with your agent and envisioning yourself as the buyer. Did you check all the boxes from the list above? Remember, with your William Means agent to guide you, open house preparation should be a stress-free process that helps to get your home sold!


Bob Villa

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