Mar 20, 2024

Why Southerners Will Always Cherish the Screened-In Porch

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The South is defined by two things, southern charm and southern hospitality. Memories are made within the home, and for as long as we can remember, those memories include early mornings and late evenings spent on the porch. With the stifling heat of July and the rise of the palmetto bug, screened-in porches have become the hottest trend for southern homes. A screened-in porch is the perfect solution of enjoying the outdoors without sacrificing your comfort. Now that the first days of spring are here, we look forward to spending more time outdoors. Read below to see why we love a Charleston screened-in porch so much.

Southern Comfort. Amongst many things, Charleston is known for its weather. With most days out of the year being warm and sunny, it’s no surprise why Southerners want to enjoy their time outdoors. The summer heat is no joke and can make spending time outside rather difficult. The beloved screened-porch creates the perfect environment to relax and enjoy the warmth, while being shaded from the sweltering sun and the bugs that follow.

Great for Entertaining. It’s no secret that Southerners love to entertain. From cocktail hour to dining al fresco, a screened-in porch is the perfect place to create this atmosphere and spend time with the ones you love. Fill your space with a large couch, some colorful throw pillows and a tv for the perfect cozy cocktail hour. Opt to elevate your dining experience with a large table, some low lighting and plants or florals to liven up the environment.

Where the Indoors Meets the Outdoors. Screened-in porches have taken southern homes by storm with the list of benefits for homeowners continuously growing. If you don’t already have a screened-in porch in your home, adding one can increase the space and layout of your home . This space can be completely customizable and adaptable to a homeowner’s lifestyle, with options to create spaces such as dining areas, workout areas and home offices. Not to mention they bring the outdoor air inside, making the demand for screened-in porches high for homeowners.

The rise in popularity of screened-in porches comes as no surprise, as they have easily become a favorite space to gather and celebrate amongst friends. Whether you opt for an elevated, hosting environment or a more laid-back casual space, the opportunities are endless when it comes to designing and decorating your screened-in porch. If it’s time for you to find your dream home with a screened-in porch, one of our knowledge agents would be happy to assist you.



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