Drew Grossklaus, Sales Director


A few weeks ago, I attended the Christie’s International Real Estate Owners Conference held in the Cayman Islands.  The annual conference brings together owners and managers of affiliates of Christie’s International Real Estate firms from around the world.  The multi-day event gives affiliates the chance to converse with others about their local markets and issues they face in the industry.  This year, there were an array of speakers including a top economist, an author on generational differences the workforce, and a specialist who looks at how climate change is influencing real estate around the world.

It is amazing to talk with others from different locations in the United States and across the globe to hear of the similarities and differences in the industry that we all love.  I spoke at length with the affiliate in Japan to learn about the differences in how real estate is conducted there.  The affiliate from France discussed the changing European financial market and the strength of the U.S. dollar affecting their market.  I spoke with a representative for the Venice affiliate about a rare drought that was causing the canals to be so low that gondolas could not pass many waterways.  Despite our differences, we could all agree that our top priority as Christie’s International Real Estate affiliates was to provide the highest level of service and knowledge to our clients.

The conference provided William Means Real Estate with a wealth of knowledge about the topics and trends that we are on the forefront of year after year. It is a rare benefit to be part of an affiliation where real estate companies that are oceans apart can share thoughts, ideas, and best practices. We bring this expertise back to our firm and agents to better serve our clients and continue to be the best real estate company in Charleston.  It also doesn’t hurt that the conference took place in a beautiful place with the whitest sand and bluest water that I have ever seen!



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