Aug 17, 2016

The Pillow Fort

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-Drew Grossklaus – Sales Director / BIC

We often hear how buying a home is the biggest purchase we will ever make. While we can all agree that this is true, there is also nothing quite like the emotion of buying a home. I recently considered this idea, trying to determine when the emotional attachment for a home actually begins.

My three-year-old son has recently become obsessed with building forts. He loves to take the pillows and form the special walls with the ever important blanket roof. In listening to him talk about his amazing structure, and the place where he would like to sleep, I already see the vision of home. He loves to have a place that is all his own where he can create whatever he wants. While my friends who have little girls enjoy forts, they also have a particular love for doll houses. Their attention to detail is stunning with a strong focus on every room and each piece of tiny furniture. Having a place that is ours is engrained in our thinking, making it easy to understand why the importance and love of our home begins when we are young.

The love of home also means that buying and selling a house is an emotional process. I believe emotion is one of the main reasons everyone should have a realtor assist them throughout the transaction process. William Means agents know that with emotions running high, whether buying or a selling home, having someone to guide and help decipher that emotion is crucial. I know from experience in buying and selling my own homes. It can be difficult to make decisions without consulting one of my agents to help determine when emotion needs to be considered or when it is clouding good judgment.

It can be difficult when we decide our home, that has witnessed the laughter of our family, is now time to be a special place for the memories of others. At William Means, we hope to help you find the right place for your own new memories and show our clients where the next pillow walls and blanket roof will be formed.

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