Sep 01, 2021

The Importance of Professional Real Estate Photography

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We all know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Professional real estate photography might be the most important factor of your listing, since photos are often what gets a buyer interested in your home and pushes them to contact their real estate agent.

The importance of showcasing your property accurately should be one of the top priorities your realtor takes in getting your home sold. With a variety of photography options and media platforms available today, buyers can have a close look into the homes on the market without ever leaving their couch.

HDR Listing Photography. Professional real estate photographers know how to capture your house in the best lighting and take photos from the right angle to show off the property’s best features. At the very least, your real estate agent should schedule a professional photography session to get HDR photos to showcase the interior and exterior of your home. High Dynamic Range photos highlight every detail of a space. A camera doesn’t compensate for light the same way our eyes do, which is why it’s important to create a look that shows the sharpest and clearest view of the space.

Twilight Photography. Twilight refers to that time of day called the “golden glow hour” – after sunset or before sunrise, when the light from the sky appears diffused and often has pastel pink tones. Twilight photography showcases exterior property lighting that a buyer generally doesn’t see because they are most likely viewing the home during the day. It highlights features like pools, gardens and sunset views and allows them to picture themselves in the home at nighttime, giving them a sense of warmth and security.

Virtual Tours. Matterport 3D Tours and Video Tours give buyers the opportunity to get more of a dynamic feel for a space from the comfort of their own home before deciding if they want to venture out to tour the property in person. This type of technological advancement saves valuable time for both buyers and sellers, saving the in-person tours for those who are highly interested in buying your home. Virtual tours are a great way to showcase luxury properties and are also a solution for observing social distancing, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re serious about getting your home sold, this is a great way to turn viewer’s imagination into reality.

Aerial Photography. Aerial photography gives buyers a clear picture of how a home and the property itself is laid out, which can’t be translated well in a property’s description. If the property is situated on expansive land, has a pool or a guest house, you’ll want to put the layout in perspective for your buyers. If your home is situated in an ideal location, such as waterfront or in a prime downtown location, showing the proximity to attractions may be enough in itself to get your home sold. Just remember, location, location, location!

Amenity Photos. Buying real estate is about much more than just the home itself. Buyers may be looking for the full package of not only their dream home, but also their dream neighborhood. Amenities are an attractive selling factor as buyers are often looking for things to do that are in close proximity, as well as different ways to easily socialize with their community. Adding amenity photos to your online listing will show what amenities are available and those that are not. Neighborhood amenities often include pools, sports courts, gyms and playgrounds. If your listing doesn’t outline the amenities a potential buyer is looking for, your home may not even appear in their online search.

The extra effort and cost it may take to showcase your home’s unique character with photos and videos will only add to the marketability of your listing and will pay off in the long run. If you’re looking to sell your home, William Means agents are experts in knowing how to tailor a plan to successfully showcase each individual property and get your home sold.

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