Mar 15, 2017

Take a Closer Look – Real Estate Vision

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-Drew Grossklaus – Sales Director / BIC

When it comes to my vision I am at a bit of a disadvantage. I am nearsighted which means I cannot see things far away, but can see things clearly when they are up close. My prescription is actually -6.0, which makes it very hard for me to make out anything without my contacts or glasses. I consider it only a slight inconvenience because I can see great when I have them on. In real estate, homeowners and buyers are often nearsighted but luckily our agents at William Means are here to guide you through the process.

Home seller nearsightedness centers on an owner’s ability to step back and have a fresh look at their home when they are ready to sell. When you live in a home everyday you tend look past that crack in the wall, the light bulb that has burned out, an old stain on the ceiling, unflattering paint colors and extensive clutter. When a William Means agent comes to your home, those the details that they’re specifically looking for and will address when listing your home. Although the seller has the knowledge that the cause of the ceiling stain was resolved a long time ago, a potential buyer interprets it as an issue with the property and a potential leak. Something seemingly small and insignificant could be the difference between a buyer wanting a home, or quickly eliminating it from their search.

On the flip side, buyers can also have nearsightedness when it comes to purchasing a home. Clutter and paint colors can put the buyer in a negative mindset, missing the bigger picture that the home actually fits their criteria with a few cosmetic updates. It is difficult to look past someone else’s style and see and what the home could be with your personal touches. William Means agents have a wealth of local resources for design ideas and estimating price to turn that property into the dream home the buyer wants. Going through this process with an agent will also mean that resale value will be considered with the updates you will make to your new home, paying off in the long run when you’re ready to move again.

It was easy for me to realize that I didn’t have good vision but it can be harder for buyers and sellers to make this determination. William Means agents will make sure your vision isn’t clouded when selling a home or deciding which property to buy, making sure that your real estate transaction is truly a clear process.

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