Jan 13, 2015

South of Broad Living

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One of the wonderful things about Charleston is there are so many different pockets and neighborhoods each with their own way of life.  But how do you know which one is right for you? Starting in January, each month we are going to spotlight different Charleston neighborhoods and try to give you an idea of what it is like living in that designated area.  It seems appropriate to start out the year in the neighborhood we know best, where our Broad Street office is located – South of Broad.

History, charm and luxury are just some of words you could use to describe the South of Broad lifestyle. For year-round residents and those who have vacation homes in this Charleston neighborhood, it’s a bit like living in a postcard. The amenities and beauty people travel miles to see is available steps from their front door. Acclaimed southern author Pat Conroy even dedicated the title of one of his books to this neighborhood, giving even more credence to the incomparable South of Broad lifestyle.

South of Broad is an exclusive and historic neighborhood located on the tip of the Charleston peninsula. Its streets are lined with some of the finest examples of historic architecture from Charleston single houses to stately mansions.

If you’ve ever wanted to live in the center of American history, while experiencing all the charms of a world-class city, South of Broad is the ideal neighborhood. The houses themselves are historic pieces of art filled with stories of plantation owners and wealthy merchants. The piazzas – usually lined with joggling boards – offer breath-taking views of the Holy City skyline, the Charleston harbor and even Fort Sumter – a true perk for Civil War history buffs.

Homes are surrounded by palmetto trees, centuries-old magnolia trees and live oaks – all providing shade to pristine gardens that burst forth with pink azaleas and purple wisteria in the springtime. The city’s active perseveration efforts mean the South of Broad neighborhood and its history have remained intact. Replace the cars with horses and buggies and it’s as if you’ve stepped back to the mid-1800s.

Not only does living South of Broad offer homeowners beautiful surroundings but the amenities that have put Charleston on the world stage are just steps from your front door. Renowned restaurants, art galleries, shopping, theaters and festivals are available throughout downtown Charleston.

Visitors travel miles to experience all that Charleston has to offer. You can live in one of these South of Broad homes available for sale and have that experience every day.





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