Nov 13, 2019

Location, Location, Location

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Drew Grossklaus, Sales Director/BIC East Cooper

Everyone has heard of the saying “location, location, location,” when it comes to making real estate decisions. It’s true that most buyers consider location to be the most important factor when purchasing a home. In Charleston we have many desirable locations to choose from: charming historic districts, tranquil beaches and islands, natural marsh settings, family-oriented neighborhoods, and many more. Not only is neighborhood aesthetic important to consider, but also proximity to work, schools, and amenities. Before buying a home, it’s important to determine which location amenities are most important to you and your family. Is it more important to be closer to your office, or to the beach? To restaurants and shopping, or to your children’s school? While the physical location of a home is of utmost importance, the location of rooms and features within the home matters just as much.

A home’s floor plan can be just as important as the home’s physical address because it affects the way the homeowner lives on a day-to-day basis. The front door may open directly into a living space or into a foyer, and each option determines a different flow in the home. The location of bathrooms also influences the convenience of living: is the powder room off of the kitchen, or the entryway? The master bedroom may be located on the first floor or on the second, and both could be a plus depending on a buyer’s preference. The location of a porch matters too, as some prefer privacy and others enjoy conversing with neighbors as they pass by. The positioning of the garage may result in easy or difficult ingress or egress for cars. Even the location of the home on its lot must be noted, as the home could be too close to a neighboring home for a buyer’s taste or the view corridor may be cut off by another home.

The list of “location” considerations is quite extensive with many more to be thought about as you go through the home buying process. From choosing the right neighborhood to finding the best floor plan, working with a top real estate agent can make all the difference in securing a home that fits all of your location needs. William Means agents know Charleston’s neighborhoods inside and out and can help you find the most functional floor plan for your lifestyle. Explore the best locations in Charleston today at

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