Jan 17, 2018

Is This The Year For Real Estate?

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– Drew Grossklaus, Sales Director/BIC East Cooper

We have entered the year of 2018. At the beginning of each new year nearly all of us ask the question, “Is this the year?” This question refers to something different for each person. For some the question relates to health changes. For others it references financial change, job change, or relationship change. Sometimes we ask this question about things we have little to no control over.

For many the question “Is this the year?” applies to real estate. The place we live has so much impact on our lives. It is this sense of place that shapes our friendships, our children’s classmates, our drive to work and where we eat, shop, and play. Answering the question of whether or not now is the right time to move, to change what we know and how we live, can be daunting.

The world of the Internet has given us the ability answer the questions involved in finding a new home in a convenient way. We can see the location of a home on a map, images of rooms and read about the features of a home. It gives us a lot to contemplate in the beginning stages of the decision process. However, some questions still require a competent and knowledgeable realtor. Finding out how a neighborhood really lives requires knowledge or finding someone who can acquire that knowledge.

William Means agents are known for their local expertise and if they need more information they have the resources to find the answers. When real estate agents look at their job as one of advisement to answering some of the most important questions a family will ask in their life, it takes on monumental meaning. William Means agents know this and look at selling real estate as providing answers to help their clients make the right choice.

If you are asking yourself the question “Is this the year for me to sell my home, buy a new home, or build a home?” the answer can be found by speaking with a William Means agent. We will share with you the best knowledge and information to guide you in making an informed decision. Our agents are ready to help you say, “This is the year.”

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