Feb 06, 2019

How to Design the Perfect Bathroom Space

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Though they are not main living spaces, bathrooms are considered among the most important rooms in a home. For those looking to buy a home, bathroom spaces can be a significant factor when it comes to making a decision. Outdated bathrooms can be a turnoff for potential buyers, whereas aesthetically pleasing bathroom suites with quality fixtures can make a home seem more attractive. If you’re thinking of selling your home or updating a bathroom, consider implementing these features and trends.

Exposed Hardware. Reaching back to industrial and antique-chic style, exposed hardware under sinks and bathtubs are becoming increasingly popular. Try a brass or dark brushed metal for a modern yet classic look.

Statement Mirrors. Gone are the days of boxy medicine cabinet mirrors when it comes to chic bathroom style. Statement mirrors are in, and they are an easy way to glam up your bathroom without major renovation work. They are also easy to swap out if your design tastes change.

Big Bathtubs. A growing number of homeowners are transforming their bathrooms into a private oasis, a place to relax and escape. Big bathtubs, perfect for soaking after a long day, are becoming more popular as a luxurious feature in addition to the standard shower.

Open Showers. Tiled walk-in showers are both functional and attractive. Their glass walls opens up the feel of the bathroom, and low edges make entry easy. Many homeowners also install built-in benches, ledges and shelves for added convenience.

White and Bright. There is nothing quite as beautiful as a white-washed, light filled bathroom. Though accents and hardware styles have evolved over the years, the classic white bathroom still reigns as it reflects light and invokes feeling of clean and calm.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, remember that bathroom updates can be as simple or as extensive as you wish. Simply changing out fixtures and a mirror can make a significant impact on the space, or perhaps a complete renovation is necessary to create the bathroom of your dreams. Take time to think about what bathroom features are most important to you, and start with those. Happy designing!


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