Apr 28, 2021

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Dining Space

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There’s nothing like unwinding and relaxing over an al fresco meal. Something about the fresh air, cool breezes, and warm sunlight while enjoying food and drink with friends and family is simply intoxicating. With the long spring and summer seasons here in Charleston, creating an outdoor dining space at home is key to getting the most out of this time of year. Follow these tips to build the ultimate outdoor dining space!

Select Your Location. Since it’s not easy to enjoy a meal with your dishes sliding off the table, be sure to choose a location that has a level, solid surface for outdoor dining furniture like a patio, porch or deck. Depending on your desired level of privacy, you can add wall dividers, curtains, or even tall plant arrangements to make the space feel more intimate.

Choose Your Seating. Whether you opt for a charming bistro-style dining set or a huge farmhouse table with room for large family gatherings, consider your entertaining style when choosing seating for your outdoor dining area. In the warm Southern climate, it’s especially important to select materials that can withstand the elements.

Decide on Dishware. When it comes to outdoor dining, the type of dishware depends on personal preference. Families with children may opt to use plastic plates and cups that won’t break when dropped, but those who host frequent dinner parties may prefer glassware.

Create Ambiance with Lighting. What’s more inviting than ambient lighting under a dark night sky? From string lights to gas lanterns, make your space feel cozy and welcoming by using light to your advantage.

Add Some Extras. Take your outdoor dining space to the next level with some fun “extras” that best suit your lifestyle. Go big with an outdoor wet-bar or built-in grill, or keep it simple by adding a fire pit or planters full of your favorite blooms.

Whatever kind of outdoor dining space you create at home, we hope you enjoy these wonderful spring and summer months ahead!

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