Apr 10, 2015

Charlie Magazine’s 50 Most Progressive – Week 3

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Charlie Magazine is on week 3 of featuring Charleston’s 50 Most Progressive.  Here is who was selected this week:


Photo Credit: Mark Stetler

John Zahl – minister at Grace Episcopal Church.  A living example of how the church and city are progressing, John can be found deejaying at the Faculty Lounge or preaching at Grace Church on Sunday mornings.


Photo Credit: Gately Williams

Ginny Deerin – educator and politician.  Besides raising money for the Hollings Cancer Center and starting WINGS FOR KIDS which is the forward-thinking school program that helps children in impoverished areas feel safe in that 3 hour window after school, Deerin is also running for mayor of Charleston with the belief behind her campaign being people should know what is going on in their government so they can be engaged and try to come up with progressive good ideas.


Photo Credit: Mark Stetler

Dan McCurry – Hearts & Plugs Founder and Director.   Striving to make Charleston recognizable as a music destination comparable with New York, Nashville and LA.

Photo Credit: Adam Chandler

Photo Credit: Adam Chandler

Ainsley Glenn – executive director: Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation.   Using her social media strategies and background as a medical engineer Glenn is connecting people with the rare syndrome of dysautonomia through her Foundation.

Photo Credit: Gately Williams

Photo Credit: Gately Williams

David Lee – owner of Clementine Bicycle Works. A lover of bicycles, motorcycles, guitars and hot-rodding, Lee sees Charleston as a cycling town and believes you will see an up-swing of non-motor transport in the city’s future.  At Lee’s shop you can get build the perfect bicycle for yourself and add a custom paint job on it.

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