Jan 16, 2019

A Real Estate Resolution

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-Drew Grossklaus, Sales Director/BIC East Cooper

At the beginning of each New Year, many people create a list of resolutions that they want to accomplish in the year to come. Those resolutions vary from health and weight concepts to financial goals and everything in between. Inevitably, as routines get busy and goals get pushed to the side, many find they have abandoned their resolution only a few months into the year.

I believe one reason that resolutions are so difficult to keep is that the concept of resolution is so absolute. By definition a resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” Because that definition doesn’t give any leeway, it makes it very easy to break a New Year’s resolution. Perhaps people should consider the goals they have not as a resolution, but as a change. Change is a process rather than an absolute requirement and therefore is easier to accomplish.

In the world of real estate, many buyers and sellers have their own New Year’s resolutions. Most sellers realize that preparing your home to go on the market is necessary to entice potential buyers. A resolution to prepare your home for the competitive market may seem daunting, but the idea of change as a process can make the tasks easier. This process may begin with de-cluttering one room at a time over the course of a few weeks. Many find that separating out items that are no longer needed or can be donated is actually liberating. It is also a task that can be done by everyone in the family.

With the clutter gone, a great next step to prepare your home is evaluating needed repairs or updates. For example, neutral paint colors help with merchandising your home and repainting a room could be done over the course of a couple of days. You should also examine the outside of your home. If landscaping or yard work needs attention prior to photographing your property, that can be completed over the course of one or two weekends. Other steps can be added to the process of change and accomplished over time by setting realistic goals.

Buyers should also look at real estate as a process and not in absolutes. If you are considering buying a home this year, take a look at your list of “must haves.” Are your goals somewhat flexible? If you are set on just one neighborhood, one style of architecture, or a specific square footage, you might find yourself limited to only a few choices. By keeping an open mind, you can open yourself up to a vast number of possibilities for your next home. If a property checks most of your boxes but not all, consider ways the home could be updated to fit your needs. A bedroom could be converted into a home office, or perhaps a dining room wall could be knocked down to create that open floor plan you desire.

The idea of an absolute resolution is daunting and if people think of it in strict terms, it is challenging. Approaching goals as a process of change instead of a resolution increases the chance of accomplishment. If you’re thinking of moving in 2019, our knowledgeable agents are here to help you with process of selling or buying your next home. With their expertise and knowledge of the Charleston market, they can assist you with the process of getting your property ready to sell or helping you find a home that is exactly what you are looking for.

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