Dec 16, 2020

A Change In The Holiday Home Routine

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Drew Grossklaus, Sales Director/BIC East Cooper

2020 is a year that none of us will ever forget and we have had ample time to reflect on our lives and how we live each day. At William Means, it has truly been a year where “home has never meant more.” I am always amazed at how even the smallest changes in a home will alter the routine that we are normally used to on a daily basis. Though this year saw a change in everyone’s routine, it is without a doubt that some change was for the better.

Personally, I am happy that my family will have a change in our home at the end of this year. We welcomed a 7-week-old chocolate lab, Tucker, a.k.a. Moose. The addition of Tucker (Moose) means that everything in our home and daily routine must change. We will have decorations in the form of every puppy chew toy imaginable, bells at the doors to help with potty training, and a small, but sure to grow quickly furball always under foot. The other thing we will add to our home is a new family member who will receive a lot of love.

At William Means, we welcomed many into our home this year. Every client that we assist with selling or finding their perfect home becomes one of the members of our extended William Means family. This year, our William Means home grew more than any other time in our 87-year history and we thank our clients, friends and family for our continued success.

We wish you all the best this holiday season. Here is to everyone’s health, happy homes and hope for an uplifting 2021.

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