Meet Sandra Di Salvo

A native of the South, I first fell in love with Charleston during my University of South Carolina undergraduate years. My inspiration has always been a love of all things old and new which is the true essence of the Lowcountry.

Before joining William Means, I had enriching experiences in real estate development and human resources, and later founded my own health care venture while completing an Executive MBA at Vanderbilt University and raising my family. However, Charleston always felt like it was calling me back.

Having relocated to the area with my own family, I offer an irreplaceable understanding and perspective to my clients throughout the real estate process – whether they’re moving to Charleston from across the country, purchasing a property for the first time or even interested in a second home.

Tradition and innovation coupled with results-driven accountability is what makes Charleston the great city it is today, and what I aspire to provide my clients when buying or selling their home. It offers a seemingly endless array of options for homes and lifestyles that enable me to help my clients discover here, what I have found - my home.

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What do you think sets you apart as an agent?

I have always loved real estate, even as a kid touring the parade of homes with my mother and her sisters. Purchasing a home is one of the most exciting, but also emotional and stressful, experiences in a person's life. My family has purchased five homes in the past 13 years, so I understand the intricacies involved in a residential real estate transaction - choosing the ideal home, negotiating price and contingencies, planning/organizing move-in day, and finally making the new space feel like home. As an agent, I strive to provide my clients with the utmost care and attention to detail throughout the entire real estate process.

What is your favorite part about Charleston?

Living in Charleston feels like being on a permanent vacation. The city is full of charm, history and architectural beauty. I love the diverse array of things to do and experience here - from the beaches and restaurants to arts and music festivals - all within walking distance or short drive over a bridge.

What is your favorite restaurant in Charleston and why?

With the vast number of restaurants in Charleston, each offering a unique culinary experience, it's hard to choose one as a favorite. However, Chez Nous never disappoints. It is a small, quaint (but lively) neighborhood restaurant featuring culinary creations from France, Italy and Spain. I love that it is "off the beaten path,” and that the menu changes daily with the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a meal with family and friends.