Meet Mona Kalinsky

As one of the top producing agents in Charleston, and a recipient of the Realtor of Distinction award numerous times, Mona Kalinsky specializes in the exclusive residential markets surrounding the area in a city she calls home.

Mona brings a wealth of business and financial experience to her real estate career that has helped her negotiate complex deals that others may have thought impossible. Armed with a law degree and years of experience in transactional law, she has helped her clients achieve the outcomes they seek. Most recently, she earned her designation as a Certified International Property Specialist, expanding her network of buyers and sellers globally.

As a leader in the real estate profession and the community, Mona has taken her passion for “doing good” to new heights, and has decided to “give back” a portion of each earned commission to a cause that can make a difference in the lives of others, the Lowcountry Food Bank. Mona understands that we all depend on one another, and she is eager to do her part to help improve the lives of others.

In her spare time, Mona serves on the boards and committees of several charitable organizations, enjoys being a mom to three children, and loves to jog, travel, and sink into a really good book.

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What is your favorite part about Charleston?

I love Charleston because it has a little bit of everything. A bit urban, a bit country, a bit sophistication, a bit traditional, a bit historical, a bit modern, and progressive. A bit of small town living with a big city appeal. It has it all; historic homes, historical significance, culture, art great restaurants, beaches, resorts, beautiful scenery all wrapped up into one fabulous town.

Describe a favorite Saturday afternoon in Charleston.

Being a beach bum, if it’s a pretty day, I will be hanging out on Kiawah Island. I love to ride my bike on the beach and on the bike paths, soaking up some rays out by the beach, or looking for sand dollars, and shells with my kids. Ending the day with a good glass of wine, sitting on my back porch.

What do you think sets you apart as an agent?

Honesty and knowledge. I’m brutally honest with my clients and go to bat for them each and every time. I think of myself as more of a consultant than a sales person. Knowledge is also an important factor – in order to make good decisions, your client needs good solid advice. I take my client’s interests very seriously, and through research, knowledge, and experience, I hopefully, guide them in a direction that benefits them well.


  • My husband and I are huge fans of Mona Kalinsky…She helped us negotiate a tricky commercial acquisition – we purchased the old Maison du Pre Inn in Ansonborough, and have renovated it and rebranded as a boutique hotel Zero George. Mona is incredibly responsive, has full trust and integrity and is both savvy and knowledgeable when negotiating the fine points on contracts. As a lawyer she brings a vital element to any transaction. It also doesn’t hurt she is, without a doubt, one of the best dressed women in Charleston! ;) We are thrilled to be back, and part of the Charleston community and we credit Mona for her invaluable help in the transition. - Lynn Easton Andrews

  • We were very pleased with Mona’s diligence and perseverance throughout the buying process. She was very knowledgeable, and made our transition to the Charleston area an easy one. Most importantly, she did a great job representing us, and listening to our needs. We would wholeheartedly recommend Mona to anyone interested in buying real estate in Charleston. - Beth & Alan Waldenberg

  • Mona is THE MOST aggressive, (in the most positive sense of the word), professional, and delightful realtor we have ever encountered. Should you need quick results and a tireless effort….she’s the best!! - Lois Lynn



  • $825,000
    2245 Portside Way
  • $390,000
    1021 Mathis Ferry Road
  • $1,505,000
    103 Ashley Avenue
  • $675,000
    16 Chadwick Drive
  • $255,000
    2451 Wensley Drive
  • $375,000
    220 3rd Avenue
  • $710,000
    3865 Colonel Vanderhorst Circle
  • $1,305,000
    673 Wampler Drive
  • $2,775,000
    18 Broad Street
  • $322,500
    18 Ogier Street
  • $1,275,000
    82 Church Street
  • $1,275,000
    82 Church Street
  • $507,000
    2339 Andell Way
  • $225,000
    0 Mary Rivers Lane
  • $255,000
    947 Mikell Drive
  • $390,000
    1479 Long Grove Drive
  • $3,180,000
    24 Church Street
  • $1,570,000
    5 Limehouse Street
  • $247,000
    17 Oatly Circle
  • $335,000
    1106 Hidden Fields Way
  • $490,000
    131 Darlington Avenue
  • $1,350,000
    65 Concord Street
  • $408,000
    1689 Seignious Drive
  • $990,100
    143 Queen Street